What's in it for you?

Not only does SWYP keep you up to date in the industry, SWYP has features that will keep you engaged with your community and social networks, while tracking and rewarding you for your activity. Earn points and gain status when you download the app, ask/answer a question on the forum, share content with your friends on Social Media, Like an article, invite colleagues to join the SWYP community, and more. Accrued points will be redeemable in the future for SWYP Swag and special offers. Use SWYP. Get engaged. Be Rewarded!

How SWYP works

SWYP ‘aggregates’ top dental content, news, articles, podcasts, blogs, and more from industry publications and around the web. Users select specific categories of interest, and SWYP delivers this “targeted content” right into the app, while filtering out the rest. Additionally, SWYP has original content from dental leaders and influencers not available anywhere else. Think of SWYP as a “targeted content funnel.”

All relevant dental publications are sourced, as well as publications that you might not think of from “outside” the dental industry. SWYP will also mix in topics like finance, business ownership, Internet marketing, motivating employees, health and fitness, travel and more.

Dental professionals can finally focus all of their attention on the specific information they want to help them be a better dentist, a better hygienist or assistant and better business leader.

SWYP Categories

When a user joins SWYP, they are encouraged to pick the categories of most interest to them. Seven categories (called the SWYP Seven) are automatically selected as default categories because of their broad appeal. They are: Practice Management, Cosmetic Dentistry, Digital Dentistry (CAD/CAM), Internet & Practice Marketing, Inspiration/Motivation, Entrepreneurs, Technology in Dentistry. Users can easily add categories from 50+ choices, and must select a minimum of 10 total categories to get started.

Who uses SWYP

SWYP is for everyone in the dental industry. This includes not only dentists, but all dental team members, dental students, and industry professionals, as well.

General Dentists, Dental Specialists, Office Managers, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Dental Students, Dental Schools, Dental Technicians, DSO/Groups, Consultants, Advisors & Investors, Industry Professionals, Manufacturers, Dealers, Sales Reps, Dental, Organizations, Dental Associations, Marketers & Researchers


SWYP is free for everyone in the dental industry to use. And users can use the mobile app or the desktop website - or both. Either way, the content is exacty the same. You decide how you want to receive the information that is relevant to you

SWYP Product Marketplace & Sampling

SWYP Product Marketplace is an online resource directory of professionals ranging from practice management consultants to coaches, advisors and authors.

Ideal for practice management consultants/coaches, advisors, practitioners, and others who sell products or services such as eBooks or books videos or tape series, online courses, consulting services.

Think of this as SWYP’s ‘self-help’ section