TriviaDent LIVE event!

This event will consist of TWO trivia contests — one is the “Jeopardy style” showdown between Drs. Marty Jablow and Paul Feuerstein, and the other is a general audience participation contest for cash/prizes!

Please plan to arrive between 5-6pm, as we will be starting the trivia contest portion at 6 and it will run through 7:30

Please note that BEER & WINE will be served, along with some light snacks/refreshments.

We have a few open spots left, so should you wish to bring along a friend (particularly an RDH or dentist but not a requirement), please let us know, so we can keep our RSVP number up to date.   

Should you need to contact me or have any questions, email ( back or txt me at 917-796-4538.

Michelle Strange MSDH, RDH – Partner & “Director of Nerdiness”!

As an adjunct clinical faculty member with Trident Technical College, she educates her students and colleagues on the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration between medical professionals and caretakers. Her experience as a hygienist and surgical assistant led her to become the Educational and Professional Relations Manager for TePe Oral Health Care, Inc. after implementing their product with considerable success and patient compliance. Her most recent project, A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast, was ranked the #1 Dental Podcast two years in a row. Through her passion for education, geriatric and implant dentistry, and modern techniques and products, Michelle seeks to inform and inspire the dental community.

Dr. Tony Stefanou – Founder and the “Quiz Whiz Master”!

Tony has an extensive presence in the Dental industry and is considered one of the top business consultants.

    • 1987 grad of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine – private practice to 2007 (still licensed)
    • Member IBBA (International Business Brokers Association)
      • CBI (Certified Business Intermediary) – 2019
    • Founder/Managing Partner of Connect the Dents, LLC,  an M & A (Mergers & Acquisitions) advisory company for dental companies—manufacturers, dealers, DSO’s  (
    • and– online information resource for those involved with, or interested, in the DSO/group dentistry sector
    • Co-founder/Partner – SWYPdental – app /website – (www.swypdental.cominformation aggregator
    • Founder/President of the Dental Sales Academy and “How to Sell to Dental Offices”  workshops  (
    • Developer of the OPA (Objective Practice Appraisal) program
    • Featured speaker at over 100 National/International Sales Meetings (manufacturers, dealers)
    • Founder of “Beyond the Operatory” workshop program, which assists dentists, hygienists, and office managers as to learning about non-clinical/office dental income stream options and career opportunities
    • Corporate advisor and Business Development consultant for dozens of dental companies (launch, well established, and product line expansion)
    • National Sales Director and Director of Professional Relations for several companies, including an oral hygiene product line and a periodontal risk assessment/disease analysis software program
    • Former Director of External Relations, Oral Health America (non-profit organization)
    • Clinical and business articles published in many other dental publications including The Profitable Dentist, RDH, First Impressions, Dental Entrepreneur, The Progressive Dentist, and Proofs
  • Former Senior Director, Dental Education, for Advanced Studies in Dentistry

Agenda for the Inaugural Meeting of the AID

Agenda for the Inaugural Meeting of the AID

8:45-9:45am – Registration & Breakfast

9:45am – Welcome Remarks – Steven Pigliacelli

9:55am – Dr. Frank Tuminelli
The Zygomatic Implant Approach …. Have we evolved to a different first choice?

10:30am – Dr. Jennifer Doobrow
Perio Plastic and Regenerative Procedures to Enhance Your Restorative Outcome

11:00am – BREAK

11:30am – Dr. Marcus Johnson
Regenerative Endodontic Procedures

12:00pm – Dr. Josh Austin

12:30pm – LUNCH

1:30pm – Dr. Kari Cunningham
The Silver Lining to Pediatric Dental Sedation

2:15pm – Mr. Damon Silver
Data Security Compliance and Breach Prevention and Response

3:00pm – Dr. Debra Cohn & Dr. Eddie Gottesman
Digital Dentistry: Treatment Planning to Execution- A Team Collaboration

3:30pm – Closing Remarks, Raffle Drawing, Vision for the Future


9:55am – The Zygomatic Implant Approach …. Have we evolved to a different first choice?

9:55am – The Zygomatic Implant Approach …. Have we evolved to a different first choice?

The atrophic maxilla presents a significant challenge to the surgical and restorative team. Ultimately patients seek a long-term solution in the restoration of function, esthetics, and ultimately their quality of life. Prosthetic rehabilitation of patients with severe maxillary bone resorption is often challenging due to the inability to obtain sufficient skeletal anchorage. The utilization of osseous support beyond the immediate oral cavity supplies predictable expeditious return to function, shortening treatment times. The prosthetic and surgical team is faced with the choice of grafting and staged implant placement or a one-step surgical prosthetic solution with identical results. The edentulous mandible continues represent one of the most common clinical challenges. The advent of CAD / CAM technology and stent driven surgical surgery now affords the dental team to provide a permanent fixed restoration on the day of surgery.

The surgical and restorative goals are to achieve anatomically consistent implant placement thus maximizing esthetics and function within the “normal” alveolar tooth envelope.  The zygoma implant allows for shortened surgical sequences and reduced treatment time—while meeting the patients’ expectations of success.

This discussion will focus on utilization of zygomatic implant using an immediate load protocol. The team approach in utilizing a prosthetic driven treatment plan will be highlighted. The presentation will review multiple patient treatments utilizing the zygoma implant with emphasis on the immediate load quad zygoma implant that has been followed for over 7 years with 98% success rate


-Become familiar with the surgical and prosthetic treatment planning of the zygomatic solution

-Understand the indications and limitations of the zygomatic approach

-Become familiar the surgical procedures and immediate loading concept as they relate to the zygoma implant.

-Understand the concept of one day surgery for a final mandibular prostheses

-Become familiar with the final prosthetic solutions and design for restorations that are supported by the zygomatic implant

10:30AM – Perio Plastic and Regenerative Procedures to Enhance Your Restorative Outcomes – Dr. Jennifer Doobrow

10:30AM – Perio Plastic and Regenerative Procedures to Enhance Your Restorative Outcomes – Dr. Jennifer Doobrow

This dynamic and interactive program emphasizes the interdisciplinary team approach to ultimate patient care. Defining your practice and developing effective strategies for patient communication to enhance case presentation and case acceptance is the key to differentiating your practice in our challenging economic environment.  Building a solid foundation is essential to your patients’ long-term success.  Emphasis is placed on multiple advances in hard and soft tissue regeneration, as well as, various Perio Plastic Surgical procedures to help facilitate and enhance your restorative and cosmetic outcomes.


  1. Highlight the benefits of Bioactive Modifiers in hard and soft tissue regeneration
  2. Define advancements in technology and treatment modalities that can enhance your restorative outcomes
  3. Communicate the benefits of Perio Plastic Surgical procedures on your Cosmetic Outcomes
  4. Understand the impact that interdisciplinary care plays in a positive patient experience